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Hey guys! Some of you may remember a few years ago when I had very long hair. I actually had 20 inch long hair extensions for almost 10 years! I'll never forget the first time I got them in. It was for my high-school graduation. After that, I was hooked and continued to get them until I was about 26 years old. However, as much as I loved them, they were very expensive and I had to drive to Toronto (2 hrs from where I live), to get my hair done. The last time I went was quite an adventure- I got a $700 ticket plus a 3 day license suspension for looking at my GPS at a red light in downtown Toronto. It ended up being a very expensive day, to say the least. That experience was rather discouraging so when it came time to take them out, I decided to leave them out. After having extensions in for 10 years, my hair wasn't in the best shape and it definitely needed some serious TLC. But today, I can finally say that I am extremely happy with the how my hair looks and feels.

For the past year I have been going to Meagan at Honey Hair, here in Bobcaygeon. Meagan has been a God sent! I sent her a picture of what I wanted and it turned out even better then the picture! Meagan has also helped get my hair healthy again. I use 5 products consistently, to help it look and feel it's best. I get all of the products from Meagan at Honey Hair. If you are interested in trying any of these products you can message her on Instagram at @honeyhaircompany_ .

  1. COLOR WOW COLOR SECURITY SHAMPOO. Leaves no residues behind to dull colour, weigh hair down or impede hair growth.

  2. COLOR WOW COLOR SECURITY CONDITIONER. No dulling, darkening conditioning agents keeps colour fresh and leaves hair silky.

  3. FUSIONPLEX MASK. This mask has helped my hair tremendously! It's an intense repair mask that instantly helps to protect against breakage. It has silk amino acids. Apply it to damp hair, leave it on for 5 min, then rinse thoroughly.

  4. REDKEN COLOR EXTEND BLONDAGE. This product keeps my hair from going brassy. It's a toning and strengthing system for blondes. I use it once or twice a week.

  5. COLOR WOW DREAM COCKTAIL (kale infused). This product is another one of my holy grails. It instantly reduces breakage by 50%! Whether you have naturally fragile hair, or your hair is weakened by colour processing, Kale-infused Dream Cocktail reduces breakage with just one use. It's loaded with blue kale, the richest source of nattural sulfur, protein-building amino acids and B vitamins, it instantly fortifies for safer styling. I apply about 2-3 pumps to towel-dried hair before I blow-dry it.

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