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Hi! I'm Dolly.

I'm Dolly Peel, author and creator of Dolly's Dressing Room. I started Dolly's Dressing Room as a hobby, back in 2014 when I was completing my Fashion Merchandising degree in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At that point in time my posts mainly consisted of my "outfit of the day", with a hint of beauty inspiration every so often. However, lots has changed in the last six years so let me get you caught up!


For the past few years I've been focused on pursuing my career at my families business, Bigley Shoes and Clothing. Bigley's is a unique assortment of retail stores, located in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, also known as cottage country. We have ten different stores, seven of which are all under the same roof. We carry everything from shoes, clothing, swimwear, even home decor and kitchen gadgets.


Bigley's has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I can remember being about five years old sitting on the check-out counter greeting every customer that came through the door, and helping my mom bag their items as they checked out. I would work in our swimwear store, Bigley's Beach House, throughout summer breaks. I also had the opportunity to go on buying trips with my mom in cities such as Toronto, Las Vegas and Miami. I quickly gained a strong appreciation for the business, so pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising was a no-brainer.


My primary role at Bigley's is in the marketing and e-commerce department. Photoshoots, social media marketing, radio advertisement, e-commerce, e-mail marketing, are just a few of the areas that I focus much of my time.


Although I love what I do at Bigley's and will continue to do it, I found myself wanting to share more raw and real content of my own life outside of Bigley's. And that is exactly why I have re-launched Dolly's Dressing Room. I wanted to create a space to express my own individual style and personal experiences. I will be creating posts on a variety of topics from fashion and home decorating to more serious subjects such as mental health and self-help techniques that I've found useful.

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